About us

We're a business process automation company on a mission to simplify supply chain processes.

Our Journey

Like a lot of good ideas, Azarc began life in a garage

We believed it was time to bring one of the most archaic and largely manual industries – global supply chain and logistics – into the modern world by applying modern automation technologies.

After some rapid prototyping and successful proof of values, we knew it could be done. We know we could deliver exceptional business process automation for cross-border supply chains worldwide.

It’s safe to say, we haven’t looked back since. Our surroundings may look slightly different – we are out of the garage now – but our core values and goals have stayed true.

Our first office was, in fact, in our Co-Founder, Dave Robbins', garage (2021)

Innovate. Automate. Liberate.

"Azarc's role is to challenge the current conventions for how supply chains operate. We innovate through automation in order to remove the friction, increase the throughput and reduce costs. We enable our customers to liberate their supply chains."

Introducing our revolutionary platform Verathread®

Your digital record holder, the role of our proprietary Verathread® platform is to create a fully visible, transparent, and auditable trail of any physical item, end-to-end. So you can rest, assured the journey of your cargo through a supply chain, from source to final destination, has been safe and secure. 

Tracking the digital twin of your physical item is called ‘Digital Threading’… And we know that ‘Thread’ needs to be verifiable and secure. It needs, Verathread®. 

Reduce Processing Time
up to 75%
Improve Operational Efficiency
on average 50%
Labour cost savings
up to 30%
remove processing errors
minimum 80%

Our locations

London | Los Angeles | Malaga | Cape Town

Our strategically located teams provide us with global coverage and insight.
With eyes worldwide, we can keep close to and up-to-date with major supply chain hubs and networks.

Who we work with

Since our fruition in 2021, we have collaborated and partnered with industry-wide world-class market leaders who have deployed our proprietary technology to help enable greater transparency, auditability and visibility across the supply chain.

We also collaborate with global networks to champion and progress the need for digital transformation across the global supply chain and logistics industry.