Integration Platform-as-a-Service for Automating Industries, End to End

Our expertise in Logistics and Transportation coupled with our Verathread Software Platform is automating shipping worldwide


What is a digital twin?

A digital representation of a product or system, that replicates a company's machines, controls, workflows, documents and systems.

Azarc promotes the sharing of digital twins between companies by passing the results of inter-company workflows, instead of the proprietary underlying data.

What is a digital thread?

A record of a product or systems lifetime, from creation to its removal.

Azarc uses a decentralized, distributed ledger technology (DLT) to record a digital thread to ensure authenticity.

Digital Threading

We create decentralized environments that enable companies, and countries, to exchange information within shared workflows.


We utilize the latest blockchain technologies to validate provenance, create transparency and track and trace products or systems  on a digital thread.

Workflow Automation

We developed Verathread, a web based, no-code workflow management software tool, to create, deploy and share inter-connected workflows.

Managed Services

We have full stack teams available to design, develop, support and scale custom solutions.

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Secure, Transparent, Reliable & Accurate Workflow Automations

The 12 trillion-dollar logistics industry faces a significant high-value problem as the need to move goods around the globe is exploding. Logistics remains largely analog, built on disparate legacy systems and infrastructure, creating billions of dollars in wastage in an environment urgently needing a digital transformation.

Azarc digitally threads the logistics industry, end-to-end. Our Verathread software product and marketplace provide a non-intrusive, system agnostic way for multiple systems to share and transact data efficiently. We achieve this in an automated and decentralized environment by utilising the latest Blockchain technologies. This enables Azarc to drive significant operational improvements without the need for expensive legacy system upgrades.