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Track and Trace

Managing Compliance

Verathread®'s workflows and provenance capability have crossed over into supercomputing component track and trace.


As a result of the new Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) controls on these components, manufacturers are now burdened with the significant complexity of managing compliance against these controls. Isolated systems and processes have made compliance a considerable burden for manufacturers.


Verathread®s automated business process workflows are deployed across the various actors to enable compliance against the new regulations.

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Smart technology concept with global logistics partnership Industrial Container Cargo frei

Supply Chain Traceability

The movement of parts through multi-tiered supply chains for industries such as Aviation provides a natural extension for cross-border custom clearances.


Verathread® provides traceability across many actors involved throughout the entire end-to-end aviation supply chain. In turn, generating provenance of parts and documents between aviation actors, enabling assurance to regulators.

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