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Enables multiple systems to share and transact data efficiently, and autonomously in a decentralized, trustless environment


How it Works

1.  Access

Access a library of service providers from Verathread's Marketplace, or build your own

2.  Build

Using the Lo-Code web designer, create configurable business workflows

3.  Deploy

Publish workflows in a secure, decentralized environment.  Connect your workflow to others, to create end-to-end solutions

Verathread Key Features

Decentralized Solution

Delivers value through transparency and accuracy without centralized control

Open Platform / Framework

Third party interfaces to expand solution functionality

Configurable Workflows

No code / Low code tooling to customize end to end workflows

Business to Business

Shared data and workflow between companies or countries in a trustless environment

Infrastructure Agnostic

Solution is system and blockchain agnostic

Patent Pending

Real time anomaly detection in workflows using artificial intelligence


In a trustless environment, participants do not need to know or trust each other for the system to function

Decentralization is the process of distributing and dispersing power away from a central authority

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Our Services

Azarc offers a range of services to support your solution; from self service to fully managed

Verathread Software Integration PaaS

Azarc's Verathread software is automating
the logistics, shipping and transportation
industry worldwide.

Consultancy Services

Speak with subject matter experts in logistics, digital transformations and blockchain technologies.

Solution Development

Research and Development teams available to design and develop a solution that your business needs

Managed Services

Full stack teams available to work directly with stakeholders to design, develop, support and scale custom solutions