top of page Inc. to launch disruptive Verathread® software at Manifest 2023

The future of cross-border supply chain automation is set to be revealed on the

Innovation Stage at 2pm, February 1st, 2023.

The future of logistics will be showcased at this year’s Manifest, and Azarc®, the company that digitally automates cross-border supply chains, will be there to launch its ground-breaking Verathread® software on the Innovation Stage at 2pm, Wednesday 1st February. Live demonstrations will take place at Booth K6 in the Exhibition Hall throughout Manifest.

Verathread® digitally threads your supply chain, from source to final destination, providing full visibility, transparency and auditability. It is a lightweight middleware that meshes systems and businesses together to automate the transacting of data autonomously, via decentralized workflows. It protects first-party data and does not require legacy system upgrades.

Dave Robbins, CEO of Azarc®, said: "I speak for the whole Azarc® team when I say how excited we are to finally be bringing, not only Azarc® but Verathread® to Manifest. There is no better place to officially launch this disruptive product. At the core of Verathread® is technology that automates cross-border business processes, custom clearance declarations and trade finance. For the world of logistics and supply chains around the globe, our digital automation software is a total game changer for our industry. We can’t wait to unleash it at Manifest."

Already live in the UK, Verathread® is driving significant value by removing friction, and increasing speed and throughput at the border while significantly reducing costs. Our customers have already seen as much as 50% cost savings in their custom clearance declarations when streamlining their business processes through Verathread®.

The proof of Verathread® capabilities has been validated and accredited by the UK

Government. As part of a live Ecosystem of Trust pilot with the Cabinet Office, Azarc’s

Verathread® software is delivering tangible value for businesses moving goods across the UK


"We’re eager to meet other Manifest attendees who want to learn more and are interested to

explore areas of collaboration with Azarc®, as we make Verathread® available across the globe," added Dave.

Manifest attendees are invited to get a live demonstration of how Verathread® can streamline cross-border supply chains through digital automation, at Booth K6, in the Exhibition Hall, January 30th - February 1st, 2023, Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.


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