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The Fast Track to Aligning Our Business Transformation Goals

Often when you’re working in a fast-paced environment, it’s hard to take a moment to pause, zoom out, and see the bigger picture. Take some time to be on the outside looking in. 

Recently, I headed to The Fast Track Way x YPO, along with the full Senior Leadership Team here at Azarc. 

Billed as a two-day MBA on steroids, this practical, hands-on weekend was held in Austria, hosted by the experts at McKinsey & Company at their exclusive training centre in the Alpine University within the Grand Hotel located in Kitzbühel. 

Flying in, straight off the back of our category win at the ICC C4DTI Awards 2024, The Fast Track Way x YPO weekend gave a purposeful pause for our leadership team and offered us some essential time away from the fast pace of the day-to-day, to dissect, assess, and align on our company dreams, strategies, and execution actions. 

Our team has a shared passion and vision to remove the barriers facing international trade, and the manual legacies involved in customs clearances. This weekend allowed us space to align on what is next for us, and how we fuel that growth. 

Throughout the three-day intensive sessions, we learned about strategy - the driving force behind scale-ups, culture - the absolute priority for businesses, and the way that AI is going to massively simplify manual repeatable tasks - lots of food for thought when considering what we are doing here at Azarc. 

My favorite part of the weekend, on a personal level, was spending time with the rest of the leadership team and getting to know each other better. As a remote-first team, the flexibility I’m offered in my daily life is unparalleled. However, it’s really hard to beat those in-person catch-ups, where the laughs are just a little more genuine. 

I’m excited to have started my Fast Track and YPO journey, no doubt this will have an impact on our business, our team, and indeed ourselves, for a long while to come.

Dave Robbins, Co-founder, and CEO at Azarc added: “What an incredible few days our time in Austria came to be. The Fast Track workshop in partnership with McKinsey & Company at the training centre in Kitzbühel really delivered. The team now has a lot of great material that we can collectively and practically apply to our business going forward. A special thanks to Christo Popov and his team for guiding us through the sessions and challenging us every day. Not forgetting our Chairman, Franz-Joseph "FJ" Miller, thank you too for being there to support us every step along the way. True transformation takes work, and now we’re ready for the hard work to begin.”


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