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Our TrailblazeHer and her DSCI Leadership Program experience

Alongside global inclusivity and cultural diversity, addressing diversity in gender is high on the agenda for Azarc®.

This year, we were thrilled to champion Azarc Designer, Homarya Shaik and sponsor her to complete the TrailblazeHers: Women in Supply Chain 23:23 Leadership Program.

An industry not historically known for its strong female leaders, as the role of the supply chain continues to expand and evolve changes are afoot. And, we’re proud to be working at the forefront of that change not only to enable supply chain resiliency through digitization and automation but to utilize this shift to bring more women into the industry and progress those in the early stages of their careers.

Through the 23:23 Leadership Program, DSCI aims to build a valued community, inspiring women to advance careers in supply chains. Let’s see how Homarya found the experience…

"The annual 23:23 TrailblazeHers program, initiated by DSCI was the first opportunity for mentorship I’ve had in my career. My manager and the senior leadership team at Azarc® actually nominated me for the program, I had no idea what to expect but they were incredibly supportive. "The program was created to provide support and 1:1 mentorship for women in supply chain over the course of 4 months. It’s a high-touch mentorship that encourages networking, social support and problem-solving. "The organisers of the program facilitated an amazing couple of months for us during the program. We met often with industry leaders at companies such as Diageo, Dell and Estee Lauder. The excitement of being surrounded by leaders in the supply chain was not lost on me even though my day job typically doesn’t involve dealing with the nitty gritty. "As a designer, especially at Azarc®, where we’re building and designing solutions that facilitate the processes involved in the supply chain, I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the advice and general know-how shared during these calls each week. "Not only did we get the opportunity to chat with industry professionals but we also garnered a sense of community among those in the cohort ourselves, we were all young women in varying stages of our careers, eager to learn and grow. We chatted each week about serious topics like how to deal with imposter syndrome, and how to navigate and grow in your career but we also touched on topics that tend to affect women more such as making your voice heard and juggling family life. All-in-all, it was an enjoyable experience and one that was only to be topped by the introduction of a mentor. "Navigating my newfound mentor-mentee relationship was not simple but I was excited to take advantage of the resource. I asked questions, we shared laughs and more importantly, my mentor helped me expand and grow my worldview, all in just a couple of weeks! "Having been through this program, I appreciate how much having a good career and balanced life relies on your relationship with those around you, mentors and colleagues alike. I’m keen to grow more in the supply chain realm as it relates to my work at Azarc® but also beyond that, in the broader sense of the world. My mentor instilled in me how important it is to know about the world around you and ultimately that’s something I’m looking forward to most."

About the TrailblazeHers Leadership Program: The TrailblazeHers leadership program, established in 2021, pairs women in early-stage careers in supply chain with senior professionals in the field. To date, the program has trained 43 professionals through two completed cohorts.

The 4-month program combines high-touch mentorship with training on contemporary supply chain trends, helping more women excel as supply chain leaders. Program fellows receive professional growth opportunities through 1:1 mentoring sessions, applied learning sessions led by supply chain experts, conversations with women business leaders, and monthly peer group activities to enhance social support, networking, and problem-solving.

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