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Introducing, Neil Kuschel, new Board Advisor at Azarc®

After twenty years in logistics and another five in cross-border e-commerce technology, we’re thrilled to welcome Neil Kuschel to #teamazarc. Stepping into a non-exec role, our new Board Advisor Neil will be bringing his love of helping exciting technology businesses understand their customers’ needs and positioning with him.

Joining our UK-based cohort, Neil will be working with the team to support the development of a powerful go-to-market strategy for Azarc® over the coming months. Between the changing landscape surrounding trade rules and the logistics of managing those to the rising costs of inflation and the disruption caused by global conflict and tensions, remaining competitive and agile in the supply chain is tough. These are all challenges that we know we can help solve and having overseen progress at IMRG, Global-e, and Patchworks, we are eager to see Neil get stuck in at Azarc®, translating these benefits into real savings for new partners and clients.

“Cross-border shipping is complex, heavily manual, and just getting harder, with barriers to trade increasing. Yet it’s vital to the global trade and prosperity,” says Neil. “So, what Azarc® has built is truly groundbreaking. Its ability to use technology to smash through the problems facing those in the industry and help the world do business is revolutionary.

“To have built such a technically strong solution, so quickly, is an amazing achievement for the team. To then also build a powerful case study and working results that demonstrate the potential it holds for businesses is truly impressive.

There are so many businesses relying on complex and repetitive manual clearance work, which is cumbersome and rife with errors. For large supply chain companies, having the ability to automate and remove these barriers will be key to unlocking efficiency and sustainability benefits. And that’s where Azarc® comes in. Its ability to create automated process flows, quickly and accurately, that are adaptable to factor in the unexpected, means supply chain functions can be cost-effective, highly productive and able to cope with whatever the world throws at them.”

With an exciting roadmap for future developments in progress, Neil’s arrival will ensure our position at the forefront of logistics technology not only remains but is supercharged during this exciting period of growth.


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