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Case Study I Our Success Story with a Global Freight Forwarder

The Client

Founded in 1969 this major global freight forwarder revolutionized the world of logistics. Today, the client is one of the world’s leading logistics companies with 600,000 people in over 220 countries and territories working every day to help customers cross borders, reach new markets and grow their businesses. The major global freight forwarder presented Azarc® with a problem at its Mexico location. A problem that was unique to them and their territory.

The Problem

The team on the ground at the major global freight forwarders Mexico headquarters was relying heavily on manual processes and systems; with consignments from multiple customers arriving daily at the distribution centre.

Employees on-site were spending a minimum of 2 hours per day working to optimize the logistics to facilitate processing manually, inputting data into spreadsheets to manage the packages coming in, repackaging, picking and loading ready for further transportation.

In addition to this, the team needed to consider 42 packaging and transportation regulations.

Handling high-value commodities, the team on the ground was struggling with how to efficiently utilize the vehicles available to them and streamline the packaging of goods.

30 people were trying to take into account 42 rules, the volume and size of parcels and vehicles available to optimize operations. An approach that was taking at least 2 hours daily. Processes needed automating, operations needed streamlining, and time management needed addressing.

The Solution

Utilizing Verathread®, our proprietary workflow automation software, Azarc® created a digital solution to factor in the 42 regulations that needed to be applied to parcels coming into the Mexico headquarters, log the inbound shipments and consignments, and assess the space available in the vehicles the team had use of.

The algorithm created through Verathread’s workflows resulted in reducing 30 users to 1, and a reduction in processing time from 120 minutes to 20 minutes to calculate the most efficient way of repacking and loading the day’s parcels.

To ensure the team continued to work as efficiently as possible and adopt Verathread’s automated workflows, Azarc® produced a 3D model which detailed the new packaging instructions and processes, further reinforcing the best practices to further reduce time.

With a specific range of vehicles available to load, the algorithm also consolidated consignments into full or half loads, to further optimize deliveries. For Azarc®, working with the major global freight forwarder in Mexico allowed

us to showcase the early versions of Verathread® and to demonstrate the capabilities of our digital automation solutions, whilst also delivering significant efficiencies for the client.

Even at that early stage, to see how the technology applied its abilities in real-time, to create complex algorithms based on the specific business case and utilize these to generate tailor-made digital workflows to solve a business’s problem, facilitated the next phase of development across the Verathread® platform.

Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss how Verathread® can support your business. E: to book a 1-2-1 call with our team and experience a demo.

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