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Azarc® and the Ecosystem of Trust

One year ago, we launched a pilot program in partnership with the UK Government and BT to create a long-lasting global impact for those transporting cross-border goods within the UK. Our approach hinged on harnessing the potential of digital automation using our solution, Rune.

The report assessing the Ecosystem of Trust was released by the UK Government, Cabinet Office, and International Chamber of Commerce. The outcomes below stand as a testament to the initiative's success:

  • 40% cost reduction on customs clearances using our solution

  • 75% reduction in paperwork using our solution

  • Enhanced supply chain data boosted frontline targeting team confidence, reducing decision-making time by up to 17%

  • Supply-chain data can fulfil 80% of customs' minimum risk requirements and 60% of trade statistics needs.

  • Up to £225m of administrative burden saved per annum when automating customs declarations. It will likely reduce the industry’s customs data collection costs by 40%.

We were thrilled to be part of a select group of six industry consortia tasked with testing the feasibility of implementing a groundbreaking border transformation. This model relies on cutting-edge technology, real-time data, and trusted partnerships to empower border agencies with new means of ensuring the integrity of goods crossing the border.

Over the past year, the effectiveness of automation has become abundantly clear as we diligently work towards rewriting the playbook for global cross-border logistics in the UK.

There is a palpable enthusiasm for advancing trade digitisation and encouraging the widespread adoption of supply chain data to benefit all stakeholders. The forthcoming phase holds even more tremendous promise, offering advantages to everyone engaged in the global supply chain and logistics ecosystem.

Dave Robbins, CEO at Azarc®, said: "I’m really proud of everything our team achieved and the results that were delivered. We’re looking forward to being involved in the next phase of this initiative. There is a significant opportunity to drive lasting change and digital automation-based benefits for everyone involved in global supply chain and logistics."

Watch this space. We’re just getting started!


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