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Optimizing Cross-Border Supply Chains Through Digital Automation

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A Middleware Platform that empowers multiple systems and businesses to share and transact data seamlessly, efficiently, and autonomously via a decentralized mesh network.


Optimize your supply chain to remove friction and reduce costs while increasing speed and throughput.


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A marketplace of business tasks and process automations (‘Sparcs’).


Workflows (‘Arcs’) by linking Sparcs and individual business systems together.


Arcs in a decentralized environment (on-prem and/or cloud).

3 Stage Automation



Business Automations

Verathread® workflows connect multiple systems to carry out business tasks in meaningful ways to automate inter-company business processes.

Our software uses a library of Automation Triggers to execute digital functions, rules engines, machine-learned models, or logical algorithms to carry out business tasks. 
Verathread® can create digital functions to access and process information from files, databases, systems, or IoT devices as required by a particular workflow.

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B2B Automations

Verathread® can share workflow automations on a Distributed Network. A distributed network allows multiple workflows to work together, creating powerful business-to-business automation. 

Digital Agents act as software information brokers between businesses, providing security, assurance, and resilience. 

Agents prevent direct access to first-party data, instead sharing the resulting information within workflows.

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Ecosystem Automations

Verathread® acts as a middleware, which means there is no need to update legacy systems and infrastructure. Verathread®'s install flexibility means that now any business can work with any other business without fear or restriction.

Verathread® is multi-tenant and supports unlimited Agents or Businesses to join a distributed network. 


By joining information and processes of multiple businesses and IT systems, true end-to-end supply chain automation can be created. 

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Key Features

  • Removes friction.

  • Increases speed and throughput.

  • Reduces costs.

  • Enables seamless end-to-end data sharing and transacting regardless of systems and infrastructure.

  • Doesn't require centralized data control.

  • Doesn't require system upgrades or production downtime.

  • Provides high security and reduces fraud.

  • Ensures regulatory compliance.

What Our Customers Say

"Azarc's revolutionary Verathread® software can truly transform how European nations trade with the UK. It automates the custom clearance process, which drives significant benefits for the traders and enables the consistent end-to-end data visibility and auditability required by the regulatory bodies. Verathread® is a major step change for cross-border trading. We are extremely excited about our relationship with Azarc and the capability we can offer the marketplace because of it. I look forward to the relationship going from strength to strength as we onboard many more trade routes & customers over the years to come."

"Of the various solutions I have seen, Azarc's is the first one that actually provides the real benefit, in a production environment, that is badly needed in global logistics and supply chain. The cross-border automation capability is simply game-changing for the industry.

"Azarc's proven ability to make DLT-based technology usable with a variety of supply chain stakeholders and their legacy systems is the industry's "holy grail."



Verathread® agents are installed near proprietary systems acting as a secure gateway. Agents are secured with mutual TLS (transport layer security) and update their certificate keys every 24 hours. Agents exchange information with other agents through workflow results and do not share first-party data access.


Verathread® software scales up and down in real-time to manage volume and workload. The Verathread®'s network is distributed; there is no single point of failure. Verathread® patent-pending technology looks for anomalies in workflows to ensure data accuracy.


Verathread® takes advantage of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for transparency and a complete audit trail of workflow transactions. Smart Contracts are also added to the workflow when service-level agreements need to be enforced.

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Providing the Confidence Our Customers Need

Verathread® powers secure, resilient, and trusted software automation. 

Verathread® can be installed on-premise, cloud, or edge.  Connecting disparate data and fragmented infrastructure has never been easier.

Contact us today to understand how Verathread® can optimize your supply chain now.

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