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Last Mile Optimization

Modernizing to Meet the Demand

More now than ever, the Supply Chain & Logistics industry is a growing and crucial sector in the making and distributing of goods. It’s a truly global marketplace with products being created worldwide. Consumers are purchasing items regardless of where they’re manufactured.


A manual process with disparate legacy systems cannot facilitate the supply to meet that demand.


Verathread® sole focus is digitalizing the process to help solve that supply and demand problem.


"Increased demand is driving already constrained supply chains to the breaking point."

2021 Consumer Brands Association 2nd Quarter Economic Pulse Report 


Time is Money

There are many suppliers, partners, and end customers in a supply chain. The inefficiencies of disconnected, disparate legacy systems and manual warehouse processes are key problems to solve to enable fully optimized workflows.


Azarc has partnered with leading Global Logistics companies to deploy Verathread® to streamline the Pick, Pack, Load, and Route Optimization process for Final Mile Delivery. Hours and minutes can now become seconds.

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