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Like a lot of good ideas,
Azarc started life in a garage.


We believed it was time to bring the most archaic and largely manual industries, such as global supply chain and logistics, into the modern world by applying modern automation technologies.

After some rapid prototyping and successful proof of values, we knew we could deliver exceptional business process automation for cross-border supply chains worldwide.

We haven't looked back since (although we are out of the garage now)...

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Dave Robbins, CEO & Co-Founder

"Azarc's role is to challenge the current conventions for how supply chains operate. We innovate through automation in order to remove the friction, increase the throughput and reduce costs. We enable our customers to liberate their supply chains."


Why are we called Azarc?

Similar to electrical arcs, where electricity jumps from one connection to another, our workflows (we call them 'Arcs') provide fast, reliable, and secure connections for multiple businesses and IT systems to share and transact data within a distributed network.


Our extensive library of business process automation triggers (we call them 'Sparcs') are connected to provide business workflow automation (Arc's) that can solve many use case problems facing businesses worldwide, from A to Z.

Why name our Platform Verathread®?

The role of our proprietary Verathread® platform is to provide digital records of a physical item and create a fully visible, transparent, and auditable trail of that item end-to-end, the journey through a supply chain, from source to final destination.


Tracking the Digital Twin of the physical item is called Digital Threading.... and that Thread needs to be Verifiable and Secure.

That is Verathread®'s raison d'etre.


Our Values

The Azarc team come together around core shared values that are at the heart of everything we do.


Mutual Respect




Can Do Attitude

Solution Focused

Embrace Challenge

Enjoy Life

Working from Cafe

Our Azarcian Team

Our team members come from or work in 10 different countries.


We are a combination of varied cultures mixed with subject matter experts, innovators, data-obsessed technologists, and disruptors with decades of experience driving industry change and progression through digital technology.

Diverse Culture

Global supply chains cross many borders and cultures.

Our customers are worldwide.

Our Partners come from all warps of life.


Our team needs to reflect the varied and diverse nature of our industry.

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All Hands In

Flexible Working Model

Like all businesses around the globe, we have had to adapt to the post-Covid world.


Our flexible working model means you can be part of the team regardless of where you come from or where you live now.


Want to work in an office, fully remote, or a hybrid of the two. Azarc is flexible to the needs of our team members. If you are interested in being part of the team and hearing about our opportunities, please get in touch to see how Azarc can help develop your career.


Our Locations

This is where we current have teams, but we think talent is in every part of the world so please get in contact if you are interested in joining the Azarc team.


North America

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South Africa

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