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About Us

Integration Platform-as-a-Service for Automating  Industries, End to End

Our Vision

We connect people, companies and disparate systems by automating the flow of data and workflow management in a decentralized environment

Our Story

Since 2019 we have been building on our initial idea and concept. We believe it's time to bring the most archaic industries, such as Logistics, into the modern world.

We know that we can solve the fundamental challenges of 'pen and paper' industries through digital disruption.

If we can provide a solution to that challenge, we will revolutionise the way industries work by enabling them to keep up with the demands of the modern world and be central to digital globalisation.

Over the last two years, Azarc has worked with key governmental and regulatory bodies such as HMRC, The Department of International Trade, and Future Borders to better understand the challenges around international trade compliance requirements. We have partnered with industry leaders including Mastercard, Tech Mahindra, The Center for Global Enterprise, and the Digital Supply Chain Institute to fully understand the global landscape and define the Go to Market strategy for the roll out Verathread. We have completed numerous successful proofs of concepts to illustrate the value exchange to end-users with industry, driving real behavioural change.

After multiple years of R&D, we have now achieved product-market fit for our Verathread product, and we are now ready to empower the world of industry to take advantage of it.

Our Mission

To ask why must we settle for the way things are done because that is how they have always been done. To challenge the current conventions for how industries operate.  To disrupt and to drive innovation, starting with the Logistics industry.


To Automate industries, end-to-end

Our Team

A combination of varied cultures mixed with subject matter experts, innovators and disruptors with decades of experience driving industry change and progression through the use of digital technology.

Our Values

The Azarc team come together around core shared values that are at the heart of everything we do




Embrace Challenge

Lateral Thinking


Solution Focussed

Can Do Attitude

Mutual Respect

Enjoy Life

Cape Town, SA

London, UK

California, US